a festival of creation and ambition

Created in 2019 by the Pôle Image Maroni - AVM, relying on the political will of France-Télévisions Outre-mer and the city of Saint-Laurent du Maroni.
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The Amazon-Caribbean International Documentary Film Festival is an international competition of films from the Caribbean and the Amazon and a place of exchange, sharing and professional discoveries with the ambition of giving voice to a creative and mixed sector.

In a symbolic place

Bringing the FIFAC to life in Saint-Laurent du Maroni is no accident. A city in the making in the heart of the Amazonian forest, it materializes the crossroads of South American, Caribbean and European influences.

During 5 days

Screenings, previews, digital content, round tables, co-production meetings with young authors are offered to the general public, schools and professionals.

Fifac 2021
WCA scheme
Developing audiences

To bring the voice of the countries and populations of the Amazon and the Caribbean to make known and better understand their concerns to the local youth and the general public, here and abroad.

Getting involved in the future of the territory

To support the development of the local and regional audiovisual production sector by offering professionals in the Greater Region a working environment that multiplies opportunities for exchange and sharing, and strengthens or initiates cooperation with neighboring countries.

Promote the destination French Guiana to invited professionals from France and abroad.

Promote local artisans and producers through the festival village.

Committing to the ecological transition

The French Guiana, land of biodiversity, at the crossroads of societal, cultural, economic and environmental issues requires us to think about an approach in favor of sustainable development. In spite of the specific context of the overseas territories, the structural and budgetary obstacles and the importance of welcoming (in person) professional guests from neighboring countries, it is important to raise the awareness of the public and the industry, and to engage the festival in an eco-responsible approach.

A local base and an international influence

The FIFAC welcomes foreign professionals, whether they are members of the jury, programmed directors, or speakers at professional meetings, alongside professionals from Guyana, the French West Indies and France. This year, they will come from Colombia, Brazil, Haiti, Panama, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Cuba. The Canary Islands, Reunion Island and New Caledonia will be represented thanks to the "TV set" of the professional meetings.

Fifac 2021
Professional meetings
In 2021, the FIFAC has invited itself abroad

The FIFO in Tahiti hosted 4 award-winning films from previous editions including: Untɨ Origins by Guyanese director Christophe Pierre Yanuwana (2019 Jury Prize).

The Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival (TTFF) screened 2 award-winning films at FIFAC, co-produced by the Guyanese production company Bérenice Media Corp. This partnership continued with the screening at FIFAC 2021 of The Forgotten Boys by Alexandra Warners (Trinidad).

In 2022, the borders open again
Emmanuelle Choin
Director of the FIFAC 

FIFAC #4 - OCTOBER 11 TO 15, 2022

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